Psychotherapy is similar to counselling in that it enables patients to explore the difficulties they experience in their lives. However, in psychotherapy, sessions are more frequent than in counselling, sometimes up to three times per week. This allows for much deeper exploration of the patient’s problems and the unconscious conflicts behind them.

Psychotherapy is usually a longer process than counselling and involves both client and therapist at a much deeper emotional level. Psychotherapy may be aimed at total modification of the personality, whereas counselling has more limited goals.

Relationship Problems

Counselling provides an opportunity and a space to talk about difficulties
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Anxiety & Stress

Regular weekly sessions can provide a safe place for clients to explore their feelings
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Traumatic Experiences

Traumatic experiences, life events, loss and bereavement can cause anxiety and stress
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I have been providing counselling in the Surrey and Croydon area since 2004
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